Sunday, November 06, 2005


Wednesday, 10/26: The Crossdressers International (CDI) Halloween Dinner, at the Lips Restaurant. I went as a cheerleader. I was going to go as Little Red Riding Hood, until I saw Alicia's Little Red Riding Hood costume. No way I could compete with that. My costume was almost a disaster--I had forgotten the skirt when I packed my suitcase to go to CDI (and I had worked so hard ironing it, too!). Fortunately someone had put a skort on the free shelf, and it fit. It wasn't the right color, but I made do.

At least I didn't forget my pom-pons.

We had 25 members and guests at the dinner, taking up a good third of the room. The prix fixe menu (which they called "prefix") had a small but fairly wide assortment. I had the salad, salmon and flourless chocolate cake--all quite nice. Our waitress was All Beef Patty, who somehow managed to serve all of us quite quickly. Of course at Lips the food is actually served by the bus boys (that doesn't sound politically correct), while the waitresses take the orders, deliver the drinks, and collect the money--which is still a lot, since they also do a show periodically.

Wednesday is "Bitchy Bingo" night at Lips. The patrons play Bingo while the "Show Hostess," Ginger, and the Lips owner, Yvonne Lamé, insult each other while calling out the numbers. They really went at it, a little too long actually--some of the people in our group got restless, if not also uncomfortable with some of the remarks.

After a couple of games of Bingo we had the CDI costume contest. Ginger introduced each of us, and the rest of the patrons applauded for their favorite. I made the finals (though I think Ginger, whom I know a little, was a bit generous in judging the amount of applause I got). The winner, to no one's surprise, was Alicia.

Some of us continued the evening with some dancing at the Monster Bar. A few even stayed long enough for Jesse Volt's drag show. Jesse called me up to the stage to show off my costume for another crowd.

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