Friday, May 19, 2006

Bush is one to talk

Bush Wants Newcomers to Learn English
"What the president has said all along is that he wants to make sure that people who become American citizens have a command of the English language," Snow said.
The way Bush so frequently murders English, making up the most Presidential words since Warren Harding coined "normalcy," he could use some English lessons.

Better yet, he could actually start reading books.


Victoria Marinelli said...

Ha! Since I gave up on the I Ching, horoscopes, and (sometimes) therapy (don't tell anybody, but I still occasionally consult my Tarot deck; I can't abandon all vestiges of my hippie upbringing, now can I?), I've incorporated the reading of strangers' license plates as an oracular equivalent of reading tea leaves. To wit: God speaks to me through strangers' license plates, cont'd.

Perhaps I'm not so alone in the Universe as I'd thought...

Best regards - V. (via the My Husband Betty message board: yet another damned distraction for me, but rich with interesting stuff...)

Sirena said...

Will Bush be the first to learn English? The bastard!

SavoyTruffle said...

Call it the President's English.

Or, better still, Ebushnics.