Saturday, March 25, 2006

Another person who needs to learn how to do web searches

"what happens if i cut the skirt off my 91 caprice?"
People: you're not supposed to type in a question, like this one.
Anyhow, to answer the question, I have no idea. But if you cut my skirt off I will be very angry.

Variations on a (spam) theme IX

Babes to get you gratified?
Babes to get you satiated
Babes to get you satiated?
Explicit Babes to get you satisfied!
Explicit Girls for you satisfaction
Explicit Ladies to get your-person sated!
Far beyond the norm Babes to get yourself sated?
Far beyond the norm Girls for you repletion
Gals to get you happy?
Girls to get you gratified
Girls to get you satiated
Girls to get you satisfied
Hard Girls to get you satiated!
Hardcore Gals for yourself atonement!
Hardcore Girls to get yourself satisfied!
Intense Babes to get you gratified
Intense Babes to get you satiated
Intense Babes to get you satiated!
Intense Girls to get you happy?
Intense Girls to get you satiated!
Intense Ladies for you satiation?
Ladies to get you satisfied?
Ladies to get your-person happy?
Women to get you happy!
Women to get you satiated?
Women to get your-person satiated?

If you like this sort of, er, inventiveness see my previous installments, starting with this one. I update them (and this one) continually, as more examples arrive.

These actually have gotten kind of quiet lately--and the spam volume I have been receiving is down a fair amount, also.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Update on The Project

It's been over a week since I posted an update on my Great Office Clean-Up Project. Despite my colonoscopy, and my cold, things are progressing. My desk is long since done. I took the time to reorganize it. I moved my multifunction printer from over my left shoulder to the right of my monitor, on the desk itself. This allowed me to move the shelf on which my photo-printer sits a couple inches, which allowed me to squeeze in a DVD player and a VCR, which sits under the cable box, which sits under the 9" TV I have off to the left. (Yes I have two printers--not that I print very many photos. But occasionally I do. Mostly I just keep the photo printer loaded with #10 envelopes.) There's still room for more stuff--specifically a component that I think will convert the video signal to VGA, so I can feed it to the monitor. This will be nice when I'm on the exercise machine back in the corner--having a 21.3" picture is a lot better than a 9" one. But I'm not going to be setting that up right now.

I interrupted my office clean-up to work on the top of the dresser in my little dressing area. It was literally overflowing with papers that I had taken out of my pants pockets and just plopped there--mostly credit card and ATM receipts. I stuffed them in a big envelope which went into one of the big plastic storage containers marked "Misc. Financial" which sit in the wall unit. The envelope is marked "Misc. Receipts Late 2004-Early 2006"--that stuff was accumulating on my dresser for about 18 months.

I've pretty much emptied out/organized the wall unit where I hope to fit a lot of the stuff that's sitting in boxes right now. There are plastic storage containers for "telephone stuff," "maps," "electrical stuff," "computer hardware" (two of them, actually), "hardware," "souvenirs," etc., etc. My favorite is a shoebox-sized one marked "misc. little things." I've even cleaned out my tool box, and put all of the screws and nails and other non-tool stuff into a separate container.

But all the stuff in all the boxes I still have is not all going to fit into the wall unit, not by a long shot. I'm going to have to get rid a lot more stuff. I am trying. Today I took 4 bags of shredded stuff down to the basement, but I'm actually pacing myself--the shredder only overheated once today.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is a day off--it's the LGBT Lawyers Assn of Greater New York (LeGaL) Annual Dinner-Dance. I'm going to go gather my outfit for it right now.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A coyote in Central Park??!!

Wily Coyote Captured in Central Park
Oh my goodness! I live a half-a-block from Central Park. The park basically functions as my backyard, and now I have to watch out for coyotes there?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mission accomplished

This afternoon I went down to the hospital, and the nice, young, cute lady doctor had someone put me to sleep and then she stuck a telescope or something up my tushy and found nothing wrong. Or so she said. I was totally asleep. There is no physical evidence she did anything. For all I know she and her crew just watched a soap opera on the myriad of LCD monitors that were hanging on arms all over the little room.

So now I'm home, eating pasta. The worst part of today's events was the 1+ hour wait in the chilly prep room in two thin hospital gowns after they put the IV in my arm, because the doctor was running way behind schedule. At least they gave me a blanket.

Since nothing was found, I don't need to do this again for another seven years. Hopefully in seven years they'll have found an easier but still safe way of cleaning you out, instead of having to drink all that horrible Golytely stuff.

I'm taking it easy this evening. My meeting of the NY County Lawyers Assn (NYCLA) LGBT Issues Committee was postponed. My cold is quite a bit better, actually--even without having taken anything for it (so the medication wouldn't interfere with the colonoscopy). But I'm still tired. Tomorrow it's back to work on The Great Office Clean-Up Project. I wish I could go the NYCLA reception for Christine Quinn, but The Project is more important.

(I wonder when this post will actually get in--Blogger's having problems.)

Wish me luck

I'm just about to go off to my colonoscopy. The records of my other one just came in on my fax today from my previous doctor (I had asked for them a couple weeks ago!). It turns out I'm more overdue for this one than I thought. I figured I was due for one a year, maybe 18 months ago. It turns out I should have had it nearly 2½ years ago.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Why I'm up so early

One of the great perks of being retired is the ability to sleep as late as I want most of the time. And since I'm usually up until 2:00 or 3:00am, or even later, I frequently don't roll out of bed until about 10:00. But today was different.

I got up early so I could eat my breakfast early. Tomorrow afternoon I'm having a colonoscopy, and this was my last opportunity to have solid food before the procedure. For the rest of the day it's just liquids, jello and such. Rule: they can't be red or purple (try finding non-red diet jello--the only kind my supermarket had was lemon). Then this evening I have to drink a gallon of this yucky stuff, Golytely, which will clean out my gastro-intestinal track. What fun. I have lots of reading material ready by the toilet.

(They used to have a different, less-yucky way of cleaning things out, using a laxative, which is what I used for my previous colonoscopy. But apparently some patients had bad side effects, so they went back to this way.)

At least I think I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow. The problem is, I've come down with a cold. I don't know how that affects things. I'm going to call the doctor's office in a few minutes to see what they have to say. Stay tuned for further developments.

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with the physician's assistant. She said as long as I'm not running a fever they can do the procedure. And she said it may actually help me in one regard--with a cold I might not be able to taste the Golytely.

(Misleading) headline of the day

Eagle Lays 1st Egg in 50 Yrs on Santa Cruz
I thought that was pretty old for an eagle to be laying eggs.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Grey Souls/Les âmes grises

Last night I made my only visit to this year's Rendez-Vous with French Cinema of the Film Society of Lincoln Center. The film was Les âmes grises, which translates to "Grey Souls." Superficially a murder mystery set in a French village near the front during 1917, it really delves into the effect of war on people.

It is a quintessential French movie: it ends quite ambiguously--we never do learn who the murderer was. It is also sad, extremely sad. There isn't a really happy person to be found, except perhaps one, and she meets an untimely death. There are a lot of deaths in the film, beyond the direct casualties of the war.

The acting was excellent, the pacing a bit slow (but that's to be expected from a French film), the cinematography deliberately subdued. The director, Yves Angelo, kept everything taut. Even his Q&A after the screening was subdued and taut.

It's certainly not a fun movie. But if you do like French film, this is a good one.

Straw men for a straw brain?

Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches says the headline from the AP. This tactic has occured so often it has to be by design. It's bad enough if Bush is trying to fool the American public into believing that his policies are the only reasonable alternatives. But what if he actually believes this stuff? That's really scary.