Monday, May 01, 2006


We made it to Barcelona in one piece (each)--with way too much luggage. Why did I ever think I needed 5 pair of pants for 15 days? I spent 10 weeks in Europe back in 1969, and I think I had two pair.

Anyhow, we leave here tomorrow, already. Barcelona is lovely. I never knew about the great architecture here.

Traveling with other people is not the greatest--somebody always wants to do something different, and decisions can take a while to make. People do things in different ways. We were here with two French couples who live not too far. They used the tourist bus (those double decker things) for transportation. Sure, you get a commentary, and it usually gets you where you want to go, but it´s slow. We wasted at least a couple of hours going around and around the city, instead of just going directly via the subway and buses. Oh, well.

Tomorrow we fly to Granada--assuming the plane can make it off the ground with all our luggage. Í'll try to blog some more there. Right now we're in some public intenet cafe, and my Euro is running out.