Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dell comes through

This morning they called and said my new hard drive had arrived, could they install it between 12 and 3. A guy came at 2:45, switched the drives in about 3 minutes. No tools necessary. No screws, rails, power connectors, data connectors, like in the old days. The drive just goes into a bracket which goes into the computer. He said it would take an hour or so for the operating system install itself. Which it did.

So now I just have to restore all the stuff from Carbonite. It'll probably take 13 days, like the last time.

My hard drive is dead

Dell has pronounced my hard drive dead. They're going to send someone to replace it. Soon, I hope. I'm tired of having to use my wife's computer.

I also hope that was the cause of the slow internet speeds I've had with the new computer ever since I got it last spring. But I suspect it wasn't. More likely that was a Vista problem, perhaps combined with a cable problem, because my wife's computer, is also pretty slow with the internet (it was faster when we were on the motel wi-fi when we were on vacation).

Monday, July 30, 2007