Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Semi-random thoughts

● Since George Bush the (much) Lesser entered office, the largest United States export to Iran has been cigarettes--at least $158 million dollars worth. I guess someone thought the best way to oppose the Iranian regime was to kill them off with lung cancer.

UPDATE: I understand (from a MoveOn e-mail) that McCain has been making a similar joke. Well, I think I was first, so maybe he got it from me. Probably not. Anyhow, there's a big difference between a private person like me putting it in her blog, and a candidate for the president of the United States saying it. It's another example of how questionable McCain's judgment is.

● I must admit I was wrong about what happens when the Williams sisters play each other. They have managed to put aside their sisterly love and play well against each other--though Venus was a little better than Serena at it. (It also turns out they played a very competitive match in a minor tournament in March also, that I didn't know about.)

● Again this year a couple of pigeons have built a nest on the windowsill under the air conditioner of our TV room. Grrr. As much as I dislike looking at all the the pigeon-poop dripping down the wall underneath (quite visbile from the livingroom), I really don't want to destroy the nest now that they've set it up. I assume there are eggs underneath the bird sitting there.

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