Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dogs can be transgender, too

From Overheard in the Office:
Client with sick dog: I need to see the veterinarian on duty because my dog isn't feeling well.
Veterinarian receptionist: Is your dog a male or female?
Client with sick dog: She's a male.


TTOKKYO said...

I have the same question. My 7-year old female chihuahua who was never "fixed" is making me wonder...I know many transgender people and it would be only logical that there must be cases of other mammals also being born transgender....Well, my "girl" had NEVER even one drop of blood coming out of her, and I have her since she was 2 months old. Obviously, female dogs which eggs never turned into embryos, bleed the same way a human female does if not impregnated. NEVER even a trace of blood. For the past 2 years I can tell when she's "in heat"-her genitals are swollen and she acts super-excited, to the point where it starts being annoying...But my main concern is that while "in heat" she acts like a male. My friend brought over his male (neutered) dog, which had no interest in having sex with my girl dog, obviously because he can not-he was neutered when he was a puppy. My "girl" was humping him, literally. My friend made a joke that she is "showing his male dog what to do". I don't care if my chihuahua is in fact transgender, it will not affect my love for her in ANY way. Yesterday she started acting all "excited" again and I noticed the swollen genitalia again. Today she was humping my leg, every single time she got a chance to do so. I know that there are people out there asking "don't you have bigger problems?" BUT I am VERY surprised that there is so little info on this subject, especially on the web. Is it possible that my dog is transgender? Thanks for any honest opinion.

caprice said...

Actually, I was making a joke. But I am transgender myself, and I know quite a bit about it. I think your dog would be better described as intersex instead of transgender. If you researched "intersex dogs" you might find more information.