Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gander, meet goose

From the Associated Press (emphasis mine):
If first impressions matter, Obama and his wife displayed one similarity to the super-punctual Bushes, pulling up to the White House's South Portico 11 minutes early. The couples traded warm and easy greetings in the crisp autumn sunshine, with the wives exchanging pleasantries about the fall hues each wore - Mrs. Bush in a brown dress and Mrs. Obama in a red one.

While Obama and Bush, in business suits, proceeded waving and smiling down the White House Colonnade for nearly two hours of private talks, Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Bush had their own agenda...
It's wonderful to see a news story where what the men wore was noted, as well as the women's fashion choices. Kudos to writer Jennifer Levin.

Now I'm waiting for a male writer to do the same.

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