Saturday, March 15, 2008

A hard one for the Badgers

One day after an easy win over Michigan, the Wisconsin men's basketball team had to perform their biggest comeback of the year against Michigan State. Down 12 at one point in the second half of the Big Ten tournament semi-final, the Badgers rallied for a 65-63 victory. Probably the biggest factor was MSU's foul troubles--they had four players foul out, including almost all of their big men. They had to go with a four guard line-up towards the end of the game.

On paper, Wisconsin should have an easier time tomorrow against Illinois--whom they beat twice already this year. But the Badgers are only playing for the tournament championship (and maybe a #2 seed in the NCAAs). The Illini are also playing just to get into the NCAAs--without the automatic berth that goes the conference tournament champion, their 16-19 record (assuming a loss tomorrow) will certainly not get them an at-large spot. But they are on a hot streak, having managed three upsets already in the tournament--they were seeded #10 coming in.

Another reason for concern about the Badgers in the final is the health of starting guard Trevon Hughes. He injured an ankle in the Michigan State game, and it looked bad enough to me that he is certainly questionable to play again just a day later.

Stereotypes galore!

Customer: I'll take this sushi and the spicy chicken with brown rice.
Girl at counter: Do you want dark meat or sub with all natural chicken breast?
Customer: I don't know -- it's not for me, it's for a coworker.
Girl at counter: Is it a guy or a girl?
Customer: A guy.
Girl at counter: Just get the dark chicken. He'll never tell the difference.
Customer: He's gay.
Girl at counter: Oh. Then get the white meat.

1303 South Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas
Overheard by: Pracca

via Overheard in the Office, Mar 14, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

An easy one for the Badgers

Wisconsin won its first game in the Big Ten tournament with a 51-34 win over Michigan. They scored the first 10 points, and never trailed--which means they've been ahead about the last 150 minutes they've played. It didn't matter that their top scorer, Brian Butch, got in foul trouble early, and ended up with only one point.

Fortunately, Michigan wasn't able to take advantage of that, or of some rather sloppy ball-handling and poor shooting by the Badgers. The Wisconsin defense was up to the task--Michigan's 34 points was by far the lowest by any team ever in the decade-or-so old Big Ten tournament. Michael Flowers got some pay-back against Wolverine star Manny Harris, who had burned him for 26? points in a game earlier in the season, and perhaps preventing Flowers from being named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year. Flowers guarded him super-close, and Harris managed just 4 points this time.

It was good to see Tanner Bronson, who worked his way up from team manager, get into the game in the last minute and end up on the scorecard with a free-throw. I wonder if Butch will get any ribbing for only being able to equal the point output of a bench-warmer.

Next up for Wisconsin, the winner of the Michigan State-Ohio State game, tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Republican corruption knows no bounds

Over the last few years we've seen Republican after Republican get bounced out of office (and frequently thrown into jail) for bribery and other misdeeds, usually betraying the public trust (not that there haven't been a few Democrats in the same boat, the latest and biggest example being Gov. Spitzer). But now we have Chris Ward, a Republican who is alleged to have stolen huge sums from his own party. They gave this guy sole control over $400 million dollars over the last 5 years, and it is alleged that some of this money found its way into his personal and business accounts.

What really gets me is that if he's 39 years old now, then he was 35 when he became treasurer of this organization. Yet they said he had handled their finances for many years previously. Did he start when he was in college? High school?

I think this, and all the other corrupt Republicans that have been exposed in the last few years, shows that the Republicans are totally incapable of judging someone's character.

I also just love that this money won't be available to help Republican candidates get elected.

Plat du jour

Love to roll? Love Derol? or Daryl? Love something else? I dunno.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I never know when to give up

I see I've gone over 1,000 posts on this blog! This is number 1,002.

Sometimes I amaze even myself.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Denny's warning

This is my second warning about how dangerous Denny's is: Brooklyn Man Charged with Fatal Knifing in Upstate N.Y. Fight

(The first warning.)

Semi-random thoughts

● There's a marketing genius out there in Oregon: Clinic: Have Vasectomy, Watch NCAA Hoops

● It seems Myspace "new" friends aren't new forever. Mine were recently reset.

● I sure hope Gov. Spitzer's political meltdown doesn't screw up our chances of passing the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA).

Monday, March 10, 2008