Saturday, June 14, 2008

Plat du jour

Not in this weather.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

There will always be an England

Britain's Prince Charles pays 17th-century debt

Facebookism of the day

Dean Spade and Dean Jackson are now friends. Dean found Dean using the Email Friend Finder.

Facebook has its own way with language, such as its ubiquitous use of the singular "they"--"Caprice updated their home page," for example. But sometimes its computers do something really silly like this. Or like when it refers to State Senator Liz Krueger by her first name, which to Facebook is "State."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blog modification

I haven't been posting every time I modify my glob's layout, because most of the recent changes have been pretty minor. But today I did add a significant feature. Blogger now can give the time of the most recent update for each of the blogs I link to. It also sorts them, so the most recently updated ones appear first on the list.

Blogger uses RSS feeds to do this, so there is a little bit of a delay. Nevertheless, it seems fairly current. It couldn't find a feed for a couple of the blogs I list, and they get put at the bottom.

Plat du jour

Yes, it does.

Spam of the day

Become a psychologist online

I don't get much spam any more, but this one just rang a bell with me--it reminded me of that old joke about the book: "Brain Surgery Self-Taught."

Monday, June 09, 2008

My record is smashed

The record of 61 visitors to my glob in a single day lasted all of 8 days. Yesterday there were 70.

Again, the main reason was all the people searching for information on Mary Carillo's sexuality. Yesterday was the final match in men's singles at Roland Garros, so lots of people saw her commentating.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

My week in review

Sunday: watched the final episode of this year's series of the Tudors (spoiler: Anne Boleyn loses her head).

Monday: went to the Maestrocities show at the Zipper Theater with my friends Rita and Cleopatra Queen of Denile. It was lots of fun, and afterwards I got to talk with two or three of the band members at the bar.

Tuesday: watched the GENDA debate and vote. I didn't even have to view it via the internet--the NY State Legislature has its own cable TV channel on my system.

Thursday: saw LOVE! That 4-Letter Word with Rita and CQoD. The show was pretty good, though the crossdressing character bore little resemblance to reality. The performances were much better than I expected for an off-off Broadway musical. My friend Johanna Weller-Fahy managed to get through her part despite being rather sick. She was singing at clearly reduced power. Afterwards Cleopatra and I went up to the O.W. Bar to hear Bianca Leigh sing.

Friday: got my hair cut, then I went down to the Film Forum to see The President's Analyst--a really fun movie from my college days.

Saturday: caught the end of the women's final of the French Open at Roland Garros, then I watched Hillary Clinton's concession speech--excellent. In the evening, I had a mediocre dinner at Amber on Columbus Ave (memo to all restaurants: I don't care if your menu is "Pan-Asian," if you're serving a western style dish that is not cut into bite-sized pieces, it should be accompanied by western style eating implements--chopsticks don't make it, and the customers shouldn't have to ask). Then we went to hear the New York Philharmonic play Mahler's Ninth Symphony. The orchestra played extremely well, though I thought Music Director Loren Maazel could have speeded things up a bit here and there.