Sunday, February 08, 2009

Anne-Sophie Mutter at the NY Philharmonic

I haven't been posting reviews lately, but this time I have to make an exception. Last night we went to the NY Philharmonic, where Anne-Sophie Mutter was the main soloist. She wore the most fantastic dress I have ever seen on a classical concert stage. These photos I found on the internet do not do it justice.
To get the full effect of the dress you have to see it directly from the front. Mutter always performs in a strapless gown, but this one is just magnificent. She was, as the hackneyed expression goes, poured into the dress. It showed every curve of her perfectly proportioned body (She's a 45-year old mother of two!). I have to wonder if she can sit down in it. It is beauty like this that keeps me returning to the NY Philharmonic year after year.

Oops, I almost forgot: This was a concert, not a fashion show. It's the beauty of the music that keeps me returning. Mutter played Mendelsohn's Violin Concerto superbly. I could not believe how fast she went, and sometimes I was amazed the orchestra could keep up with her. The rest of the program, two other Mendelsohn pieces, were almost superfluous, though conductor Kurt Mazur did his best. The former music director of the Philharmonic received ovation after ovation, for what might be his final time conducting his former orchestra.

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