Monday, March 30, 2009

Semi-random thoughts

● Why do people think that anything other than the lightest color fonts are legible on a black background?

● It's really nice listening to chamber music in a real chamber, not a big concert hall.

● The NY City Ballet is modifying its computer system, allowing its customers to register for more functional accounts. Since I was already in their system somehow, they had some info on me, and it came up on my new account as a separate (but incomplete) address. So I went to delete it, except it wouldn't let me delete it until I completed the missing parts. Then I could delete it. Bad programming.

● I hate it when I press the wrong "home" button and get my browser home page instead of my twitter one.

My prediction from January about how the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team would do this season was exactly correct. They made it to the NCAA's, where they won one game.

● Why does the world map in a solicitation from Doctors Without Borders have borders on it?

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