Saturday, August 01, 2009

Movie quiz

If you get 7 out of 10 right you're a "Movie Star," 4 to 6 right a "Best Supporting Actor" and 3 or less a "Lowly Usher." Answers in the comments. (I got 4 right.)

(1) "The Jazz Singer" was the first talking film. What year did it open?

(2) First animation film ever nominated for "Best Foreign Film" Oscar.

(3) The two films receiving the most nominations for an Oscar are "All About Eve" and "Titanic." How many nominations did each receive?

(4) Name 3 of the 7 actors who played "The Magnificent Seven" (1960).

(5) A film about blacklisting in which Woody Allen starred but did not write or direct.

(6) The actor who holds the record for most leading roles, 142 films.

(7) John Huston directed both his daughter and father in movies for which they each won an Oscar. What movies?

(8) Clark Gable did not win the best actor Oscar for "Gone With the Wind." Who did win that year?

(9) Francis Ford Coppola directed 2 films which won consecutive best picture Oscars. Which films?

(10) Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift were film stars in a Theodore Dreiser tragedy. Which film?

HT to Elliot Kanbar, president of the Quad Cinema

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caprice said...


(1) 1927
(2) "Waltz With Bashir"
(3) 14
(4) Robert Vaughn, Steve McQueen, Brad Dexter, James Coburn, Horst Bucholz, Yul Brynner and Charles Bronson
(5) "The Front"
(6) John Wayne
(7) "The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre" (John Huston) and "Prizzi's Honor" (Angelica Huston)
(8) Robert Donat
(9) "The Godfather" and "Godfather Part II"
(10) "A Place In The Sun"