Saturday, March 21, 2009

Semi-random thoughts

● I unfollowed someone on Twitter for promoting PETA. As far as I'm concerned, PETA is a bunch of one-issue extremists whose tactics have ranged from the offensive to outright terrorism.

● Yesterday morning I got a call from the mail order pharmacy my health insurer uses. They said that my doctor had submitted a renewal of a prescription of mine, and it would be shipped shortly. Yesterday evening I got an e-mail from the pharmacy saying the doctor had not responded to the request for a renewal. Their website seems to indicate the call, not the e-mail, was correct.

● Why have we been getting so many wrong number calls lately?

● You know a play was bombed by the critics when the first two reviews they feature in an ad are by gossip columnists Liz Smith and Cindy Adams.

● Lots of places give discounts for seniors. But classical music venues are trying to get more young people to attend concerts. So the 92nd Street Y offers cheap tickets to anyone under 35 for some of its events.