Monday, August 24, 2009

Plat du jour

Weekly free associations

  1. Disguised :: Hidden

  2. Big wheel :: VIP

  3. Irritating :: Pest

  4. Care :: Charity

  5. Grandpa :: Grandma

  6. Shooting :: Pain

  7. Sunglasses :: Shades

  8. Stampede :: Cattle

  9. Painstakingly :: Exact

  10. Terrible position :: ??
From: Unconscious Mutterings

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Plat du jour--guest submission

From Carolyn Ann's collection

Semi-random thoughts

● I got a campaign e-mail from Mark Green, candidate for NYC Public Advocate, which includes his proposals for

•Implement “Open 311” by making 311 accessible over the Internet in real-time.
•Make government information available in real-time through an “Open Data Directive” to leave the era of burdensome freedom of information requests behind.
along with other computer/internet-based proposals. But I really have to wonder how good he and he staff will be at these things--the e-mail started "Dear [Firstname]."

● I just ordered a 2-year calendar for 2010-11. I sure hope that isn't tempting fate.

● Does anyone really care what John McCain thinks anymore? (Well I suppose he's a better Republican voice than Rush Limbaugh.)