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I ♥ NYC!

From Overheard in New York:
Hipster to 50-something tourist who is blocking the way: Hey, lady, where you from?
Woman, proudly: Kansas.
Hipster: Well, Dorothy, this is not Kansas. This is Times Square, New York City, now get the fuck out of the way! (crowd cheers)

Headline of the day

Pantless man accused of harassing neighbor's horse

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Plat du jour

I'm puzzled about this one. There are a couple of restaurants named the Roux, but neither are anywhere near New York.

I ♥ NYC!

From Overheard in New York:
Tourist, taking photo to woman walking in front of camera: Hey! You ruined my picture!
Aggravated city woman: And you ruined my city!

--Grand Central Station