Friday, October 23, 2009

Another weapon against the "pirates"

US drones protecting ships from Somali pirates

This is great. I hope that soon the thugs will realize that when they go out to attack ships that it is very likely they will return home empty-handed, assuming they return at all.

6th graders write

A Facebook friend (whom I actually knew slightly before Facebook) teaches 6th grade. He had his students write personal narratives. Some titles: "Oh No My Thumb," "When I Lost My iPod," "My First Cigarette Ever," "When My Mom Had a Zit," and "OUCH!"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Semi-random thoughts

● I've always hated the milk-mustache ads.

● I find it very curious that the Patriot Act adopts the view directly contrary to that of the patriots who said "Give me liberty, or give me death." The Act requires Americans to give up chunks of our right to be free of government interference and scrutiny of our lives, in order to be (allegedly) safer from terrorists.

● I'm amused when I get identical letters addressed to my male and female names. Sorry, Ms. Magazine, I'm not going to subscribe under either one.

● Bloomberg for Mayor ads appeared alongside a news story I was reading (about elections) on I get them on videos on Fail Blog. I got them on WQXR, before it became a listener-supported station. Flyer after flyer appears in my mail. I hate how he wins elections simply by drowning out the messages of his opponents with his billions.

● It's "très," people, not "trés." Merci beaucoup.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

AP accuses Shepard Fairey of lying

AP says artist made up story about Obama poster

It wasn't just a mistake Fairey was trying to cover up, it was a deliberate lie, the AP claims. After the previous events I'm even less surprised at this.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Plat du jour

Hi Bolo! I'm Caprice.