Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes, it's time for more Texts From Last Night

(828): I'm in the grocery store cradling a box of wine like it's my firstborn, so of course this would be the first and only time I've ever seen my boss outside of the office.

(760): when i came out to my mom, it was over brunch. i was eating a banana. not exactly my smartest breakfast choice.

(917): Listen, this was just a tiny lapse of judgement.
(347): I'm pretty sure that's not a synonym for pregnancy.

(310): she screamed"i told you already! counter clockwise spiral and the clockwise spiral!!" right in the middle of sex
(1-310): wow, i never thought dating a choreographer would be so harsh

(555): Woke up to a bouquet of flowers in my toilet bowl. Drunk hubby loves me.

(480): Why hello there Olivia! How are you today on this fine and most wonderful morning full of magic and adventure and awesomeness?
(774): Someone just got laid.

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