Saturday, August 14, 2010

Semi-random thoughts

  • A friend reported that she didn't receive a resume that a headhunter had told her he was e-mailing to her. He tried again and it still didn't arrive. She reported this to her systems support. Eventually they explained that the e-mail had been blocked by the company's spam filter--the resume included the fact that the applicant had graduated cum laude.
  • I unfriended someone on Facebook because I got a recommendation for a page she liked: George W. Bush. I checked her profile to make sure it wasn't a fluke first, but she had a Carly Fiorina thing posted right there.
  • I am always surprised when one of those automatic toilets flush when I stand up.


Denise said...

You unfriended someone just because they liked George W Bush? How open minded of you!

caprice said...

No, not just because they liked Bush.

I have too many Facebook friends. Facebook takes up too much of my time. When I first started on Faceboook I added a lot of people I didn't really know, such as this person. Now, I will use any excuse to delete someone, if I don't think they add to my Facebook experience.

This includes liking George W. Bush, whom I consider the worst president this country has had in at least the last 80 years, if not in its entire history. I don't want to have his page recommended to me, and if this is caused by a having a friend, whom I don't really know, liking his page, then I will delete the friend.

caprice said...

For instance, I just saw that another firend of mine, someone I do know slightly in real life, likes Mitt Romney, I am not going to unfriend her, however.