Monday, December 27, 2010

Catching up on the TFLNs, part 3

(850): it's like a walk of shame rule, you always run into someone who saw you wearing that yesterday

(530): Walk-of-shaming home from Brooklyn in a Jesus costume that has "what wouldn't Jesus do" written on the robe.

(706): What did you wear last night? Because I'm pretty sure there are atleast 4 Facebook statuses about your walk of shame.

(240): just gave another girl i passed on the walk of shame a high five

(727): Of course my walk of shame coincided with the alumni marathon on campus. But, I did get a thumbs up from the woman handing out water.

(716): My walk of shame was far more interesting today. He's moving and was cleaning out his apartment, so not only was I carrying my clothes, I also walked away with 4 bottles of cheap wine and a jar of ragu.

(734): Walk of Shame today included voting.

(541): New handbag passed the ultimate test. The walk of shame. I had a bra, tights, skirt, shirt & sweater in it and you couldn't tell. yessss.

(814): Walked by a shop giving away free donuts this morning. Best walk of shame ever

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