Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Semi-random thoughts

  • For several months I've been sending out weekly e-mails to a group of friends about what my plans were for going out. Last week I found out that one of them hadn't received any of my messages. I never got a bounce back, but she just wasn't getting them, not even in her spam folder. We ran tests, where I replied to a message of hers (which I received just fine), after deleting her from my contact list. Nothing worked. I have to use an old email account I have on mail.com to get to her. I wonder if it has something to do with my being on Yahoo and her being on Hotmail. UPDATE: the mystery is solved. Her account got hacked. A bunch of addresses had been added to her safe list, and mine, among others, were blocked. Why the hackers blocked some addresses I have no idea. Nor do I understand why the e-mails didn't bounce back to me.
  • One of life's awkward moments: being followed on Twitter by an old friend of a friend who's a convicted, unrepentant pedophile.
  • I know two people named X*****. One can get more than a bit obnoxious when she's been drinking. The other one is that way stone cold sober.