Saturday, May 01, 2010

Semi-random thoughts

  • Periodically the United States Treasury has been introducing additional security measures to the currency. Another version of the $100 bill was recently announced. But I don't see how this will prevent counterfeiting, since the old versions of the bills are still being used. The counterfeiters can still make fakes of the old versions.
  • I got a request for my current contact information from a group I'm in. It asked for my name, e-mail address, cellphone, and home phone (if any). Today it is assumed one has a cell phone, but not necessarily a home phone. 
  • I got a Facebook ad for breastfeeding tops. I'm trying to decide if this is even more stupid than the ones for FTM top surgery.
  • Google has resumed listing my glob for "bobcats" images (though not "bobcat"). It was third the last time I looked. This is why my hit count has averaged 45 a day for the last week.