Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It seems like 3 good TFLNs a day is the trend now

(708): Hooking up with one of the deadbeat dads from Teen Mom does not qualify as banging a celebrity.

(909): don't tell me I don't love her. i once slept with my girlfriends therapist, just to find out if she was cheating on me.

(978): He asked me why my bellybutton was so ugly... and wondered why i wasnt in the mood anymore.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'll never have to go to a machine in the subway again

My new automatically-refilling Metrocard.

Every time it gets below $20 it is automatically refilled using my credit card.

Just three good TFLNs this time

(615): Your sister reminds me of me at her age. Stop her while you can.

(519): My mom gave me a book called "why good people do bad things"
(1-519): I didn't realize you were one of the "good people"

(412): He posted a picture of my bra on facebook with the caption "I don't know who I hooked up with last night but if this is yours please come pick it up".