Saturday, August 21, 2010

Living with wild turkeys VII

When I tweeted this I said a flock of turkeys seemed to be staying at our inn. A friend of mine said the correct term is a "rafter" of turkeys. Well, she's a college professor, so she must be right.

This is a whole lot better than last year, when the inn had signs up warning us of bears lurking around.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I couldn't go on vacation without posting a few more TFLNs

(765): She is two pictures of justin bieber away from being blocked from my news feed

(727): hell no. last time, i couldn't pee straight for a week.

(603): Someone said we're out of ice. You collapsed on the spot and started sobbing, saying 'but where will all the polar bears live". That drunk.

(336): Night out in new white coat = success. Offered free breast exams all night, two took me up on it, woke up with one. I love medical school!!!

(440): We went into lab today and when no one was looking i touched our cadaver's penis!

(416): Best. Handjob. Ever.
(905): I'm guessing Kelly is over?
(416): Nope. Home alone.

Away for vacation

Tomorrow This afternoon I'll be heading off to the Berkshires for a little vacation. (Can a retired person have a vacation? A vacation from what?) I don't know how much opportunity I'll have to blog, so this place might be even less active than usual for the next couple weeks.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Plat du jour

Why? Is the city in danger?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

More TFLNs!

(817): I love when I'm alone in the house. It's like pants were never invented.

(928): I'm in the liquor aisle and a 10 yr old boy yells, "My favorite beer is Corona! Daddy remember when you gave me some on our camping trip?"

(630): everybody makes mistakes
(1-630): i didn't know they allowed you to text in ambulances

(617): I would explain the ketchup stains in the bed to him but saying I just got my period is so much less embarrassing...

(219): I made an oral joke and he laughed... That's when I realized I wasn't Daddy's Little Girl anymore.

(208): Somehow I gave him blood blisters on his dick...I don't know if I'm that good or that bad.

(410): She said my main job as maid of honor is to ensure the groom doesn't find out that each of his seven groomsmen has had his penis inside her.

(410): She paints her nails the color of the sheets of the last guy she slept with

(408): It's chlamydia! Thank God!

(859): Very hungover, bought a newspaper and found my shorts from last night in the machine.

(763): someone left their shoes, a resume, and a pizza in the shower... i am actually speechless

(816): at what point did putting a bag of doritos in the freezer seem like a really good idea?

(336): I need a $60 an hour job, because I have a $50 an hour drinking habit.

(507): Life lesson learned last night, if you are too drunk to use the atm leave the strip club

(845): The amount of pregnancy tests I've taken in my life is unhealthy

(760): Congrats to the girl that left her positive preggo test in the bathroom...

(617): so exactly what does one wear to an abortion clinic?

Not so nice, MoMA

I got a invitation, with the envelope addressed in a font that looked at first glance to be hand-written, from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), where I'm a member. I was invited to an evening reception for its upcoming Abstract Expressionist New York exhibition. Very nice.

Except it wasn't really so nice.

In smaller print at the bottom it said that in order to attend I had to make a "membership gift." A separate card indicated this had to be at least at the $300 level of membership.

That's a bit sneaky. Even if I wanted to contribute that much more, I find the invitation solicitation misleading and, frankly, a bit insulting. If you want to give a reward for donating more money, fine. But be upfront about it.

Sorry, MoMA. No additional money for you.