Sunday, January 02, 2011

Catching up on the TFLNs, part 6

(336): They're watching TV in bed. The Golden Girls to be exact. Aaaand I just heard them singing along with the theme song. I love living with gays.

(978): i will be the first lesbian to ever fail women's studies.

(818): At a Jewish lesbian wedding. I stick out like a sore, uncircumcised penis.

(702): she passed out facedown in my lap while I was playing piano. 11 years of piano lessons finally paid for themselves.

(214): So I just learned that my father was teaching me rules for drinking games when I was 5.

(727): My dad just told the waiter to keep the pitchers coming until someone passes out.

(706): My chemistry professor just asked me if I ever found a ride home from the bar last Saturday

(262): some drunk guy just paid $3 for each cig that i picked up off the ground. the cigs that he threw on the ground. I might just follow him the rest of the night

(727): Hey for future reference vodka can not be substituted for water when shaving your legs

(314): I drank myself into bisexuality again.

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