Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Semi-random thoughts

  • Some people just won't accept an apology.
  • The sidetrip to Jordan segment of my wife's trip to Israel next month has been cancelled.
  • My doctor prescribed a nasal spray to help my irritated nasal passages. I sent the prescription to my insurance company's mail order department, along with a request to refill two of my other prescriptions. Over the weekend I got an e-mail and a phone message telling me my insurance plan didn't cover it. So I called my doctor's office to ask them for a prescription that could be filled locally. Sometimes my insurance company will cover things locally that are not covered by mail order.  I was told they were mailing the prescription right out. That was yesterday. Today I got a package from the mail order operation. The nasal spray was included with the two refills. I guess they do cover it.
    • UPDATE: It turns out the messages I got from the mail order pharmacy were not wrong. Along with my other prescriptions I mistakenly sent them one for something I know is not covered, and always get somewhere else. I assumed the messages were about the item I was ordering for the first time.

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