Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Semi-random thoughts

  • I hate it when catalogues and online sites show models wearing other items over the item they're selling, like a cardigan over a dress. Also, I want a picture of the back of the dress.
  • I'm going to see Pat Benatar at BB King's next summer. It's great seeing her in a small venue.
  • The fees Ticketmaster tacks on are horrible. For each $75 ticket they added on a $2.00 "Facility Charge" and a $12.25 "Convenience Charge." Then they they added a $3.50 "Order Processing Fee" at the end. Since they are mailing the tickets to me, delivery is free. But if I wanted to print the tickets at home, that would have cost an additional $2.50--which I really think is nuts. It's got to cost them a lot more to mail them.

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