Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maybe add another jerk

Well, maybe only a semi-jerk.

Pataki Visit Stirs Speculation About Presidential Bid

Pataki to visit Iowa ahead of possible 2012 bid

He is what passes for a moderate Republican these days. This means he has zero chance of winning his party's nomination. Also, there is the factor that I kept saying about him four years ago: He is a household name only in the Pataki household. Practically no one outside of New York, and not all that many inside New York, has any idea who he is, save for a few professional politicians.

I will say this for him, though: I doubt there is a better public speaker in politics. In 2002 he spoke at the reopening of my then-employer's building across the street from the World Trade Center, and I was really struck by how well he communicated, even though I disagreed with a great deal of what he was saying.

UPDATE: Former Governor George Pataki Won’t Enter 2012 Presidential Race

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