Friday, November 25, 2011

TFLNs, Thanksgiving edition

(630): Thanksgiving. This year's theme: I am thankful that I still have a liver.

(817): she made a facebook for her toddler.. his likes include lil wayne and ice luge. He has more friends than i do. I mean, Seriously? there's not enough booze in the world to make thanksgiveing bearable

(303): I come back home for break and my room is full of weed either my parents really love me or they are having more fun then I am in college

(973): Can you send me a picture of you not naked, my mom wants to see what you look like

(561): I'm sexting at the thanksgiving dinner table...this is a new holiday tradition.

Plus a couple of non-Thanksgiving ones:

(646): You should be proud. How many people can say they GAVE a stripper an std?

(218): If I should ask "why am I still single?" could someone please remind me of shooting mike and ikes out of my nose at the bartender last Saturday. many thanks

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