Saturday, December 24, 2011

The TFLN round-up

(408): You are right.  The scrape marks on her ass are from her breaking the doggy door by crawling through it.
(724): My booty call just put me down for a reference for her job at the hospital. What am I supposed to say? She gives great bj's?
(360): Gonna send a picture of my negative pregnancy test with the message "Merry Christmas" to the guys I've been sleeping with. That alone, will put a huge dent in my shopping list of gifts for people.
(619): The bouncer was being really rude for no reason. Steph PICKED him up and physically MOVED him from our path on the way out.
(1-619): Well thats the pro of going out drinking with a pro body builder. Even if its a girl.
(218): You kept showing everyone at the bar your bra to prove it matched your shoes.
(712): I looked up while we were having sex to see him covering my pillow pet's eyes with his free hand.  I think I'm in love
(859): if you ever get a chance to, fuck in a lecture hall. great acoustics. highly recommend it.
(712): That's because "bed time" is my sex playlist.  If you're trying to fall asleep use "nap time"
(517): I'm bringing vagina and cookies. You'll be fine.

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