Sunday, December 11, 2011

TFLN time

(269): P.S. I just watched The Muppets. I feel like I just got a sadness enema.
(682): I just told a kid I was in a wheelchair because Santa shot me due to me being on the naughty list. You should have seen this little bastards face
(970): Can't. I took a Viagra to make sure I wouldnt leave the room so I might actually study.
(412): There's strippers and [beer] every where so ether you gave me the wrong address or this is the coolest birthday party thrown for a seven year old ever.
(567): For future reference, Twizzlers CAN leave welts.
(443): You guys can't keep having sex with them and cleaning their house! They're never going to take you seriously!
(562): guy in front of me at the pharmacy just asked the pharmacist for 2 Plan B's and replied with, "If your wondering, then yes I did have a threesome. It was amazing".
(201): My dog just threw up a condom. Sorry for accusing you of not wearing one, I found it now.

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