Saturday, September 10, 2011

Micro movie review

Contagion--catch this one.

Happy Consecutive Day!

I almost missed this.

It's 9/10/11.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Another classical flash mob

I wish there were more shots of the musicians arriving. Somehow the harps, tympani, even the conductor's podium just appeared.

HT to The Bilerico Project

Monday, September 05, 2011

Semi-random thoughts

  • I was looking for a tiny brush to clean out the holes in a plastic spatula. I found some on Amazon, designed to clean out baby bottle parts. Now Amazon is suggesting I buy all kinds of baby bottle apparatus.
  • I have installed WordPerfect version 15 (I don't care if they call it X5). This is at least my 6th version since I switched from DOS to Windows. Now I'll be able to read .docx documents, and edit PDF files. People keep chiding me about sticking with WordPerfect, but I like it. My only problem comes from file conversion issues like .docx files.
  • It is sometimes surprisingly difficult to determine what state a news website is covering. A good number have it nowhere in their logos, their about us pages, even on their contact us pages--an amazing number give only e-mail addresses. There have been occasions when the only way I could figure it out was from the addresses in the advertisements.
  • It's always sad when a restaurant you've enjoyed for many years starts going downhill.
  • I saw a headline that said "Germany Dominates Austria" and I wondered if I had somehow gotten a newspaper from the 1930's. But it was only the soccer column in the New York Times' sports section.

Micro movie review

The Debt: Gripping? Yes. Believable? Well...