Saturday, October 08, 2011

Plat du jour

Media high definition? Head of media? Media hot dog? I dunno.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Semi-random thoughts

Some of these thoughts occured a while ago.
  • Serena Williams is just plain obnoxious. She's the one who's "out-of-control" (her description of a referee who applied the verbal interference rule against her). No matter how many titles she wins, she'll never be a champion to me. 
  • Five Napkin Burgers, with half-a-dozen restaurants along the east coast, is guilty of false advertising. They give you only one napkin--which is all that is necessary for its excellent hamburgers.
  • WQXR, the classical music radio station of New York City, is now a listener-supported public station. Like all public radio and television stations they have periodic fundraising drives, which interrupt their regular programming. Nobody likes to tune in to hear music and get people asking for contributions. WQXR, though, has come up with a way to capitalize on this dislike--they offer to cut their on-air drive by one hour for every $8,000 they raise before the drive starts. 
  • I went to refill my back-up Metrocard, and the machine informed me my card would be expiring shortly, and offered to transfer the money I had on it to a new one. As far as I know, this is something new. In the past, I always went to an agent to do this--though I only remember doing it a couple times. When you got 20% additional for purchases over a certain amount, it was pretty easy to keep your card at an even amount of $2.25 fares. (It was even easier when the fare was only $2.00.) When a card was close to expiring, I just used it until it was empty, and then bought a new one. Now that you only get 15%, it's practically impossible to do this--there's always some odd amount left of the card.