Friday, November 18, 2011

I've got another birthday coming up

I know this because Livejournal sent me an e-mail reminder.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Semi-random thoughts

  • I'm really happy they're bringing back Billy Crystal to host the Oscars broadcast. He was their best emcee since Johnny Carson. Maybe even better.
  • Since the battery in my Droid phone sometimes lasts only about 8 hours, I always carry a spare. One evening it ran out when I was at a bar, so I put in the charged one. A guy saw this, and asked, "You can do that?" with a look of pure envy. An iPhone user, I guess.
  • Facebook now gives me the choice to have my news feed in chronological order--just like the good old days, before they tried to improve things by putting what they consider the top stories first.
  • Last week a Bleacher Report columnist wrote (obviously before the news about the alleged child molestation at Penn State got out) that the Wisconsin football team was "waiting on a miracle" to have even a chance to get to the Big Ten championship game. By the time the Badgers took to the field against Minnesota Saturday afternoon, the miracle had already occurred. Wisconsin needed both Penn State and Ohio State to lose a game, in addition to the Badgers winning its last three games (including the final regular season game against Penn State). Both the Nittany Lions and the Buckeyes lost, in two very close games. The Badgers' chances look quite good at this point. 

Plat du jour--guest submission

Found by Joanne, who said it was "Something we all want."