Friday, December 09, 2011

Plat du jour

The latest TFLNs

(580): So I was about the only one NOT pregaming or stoned at my aunt's funeral... Maybe thats why I'm the black sheep.
(606): only in a texas roadhouse would someone whistle while I was breastfeeding.
(708): Just saw a guy walking down the street carrying a giant inflatable penis
(773): Just arrived at our party
(586): It was fun until the stripper told me it was her first day and started crying.
(508): wanna tell me why theres a glass of water stuffed with tamptons in the freezer?

Somali thugs hindered twice

NATO Warship Intercepts Pirates

Turkish Navy Disrupt suspected Somali pirates off Kenya coast

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Today's collection of TFLNs

(914): You told the cop at mobil to keep it real and look both ways before crossing the street.
(210): If you're wondering where your left shoe is you lost it in a bet with a homeless guy last night
(520): One thing noone tells you about getting put in the drunk tank is do it barefoot. You get free flipflops.
(615): A total of 95 cents was stuck to my ass the next morning.
(740): I was lying there too hungover to move when my dog jumped onto my bed and set half a calzone on my pillow. Best. Dog. Ever.
(530): sorry for the naked aussie man in your room last night, he got lost on his way to the bathroom


"MythBusters" cannonball rips through house, van
Photo By Doug Duran, Bay Area News Group

Monday, December 05, 2011

Holiday sales, yes; holiday trees, no

As much as I dislike religion, and as much as I wish the Constitution required government to be secular and not neutral, calling something a "holiday tree" is just plain wrong. As far as I know, the only holiday this time of year that has a tree in its observance is Christmas. As long as the other holidays get an equal opportunity for public recognition, I have no problem with governmental entities calling their trees "Christmas trees."

On the other hand, I see nothing wrong with stores having "holiday sales." If they want to market to people of all religions, they would be wise to do so.

Just a couple of decent TFLNs today

(682): I haven't seen him since I gave him a hand job in the hospital. I like to think I contributed to his speedy recovery.

(216): I didn't just get this from the chlamydia fairy.. You should probably get tested.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Semi-random thoughts

  • Calamity Chang is ending?/suspending? her monthly Beatles Burlesque show at Public Assembly. This is one of my favorite shows, with a live band fronted by singer Broadway Brassy doing Beatles (and occasional other Brit) songs. The burlesquers strip to their music. It's one of my favorite shows, and I'll really miss it.
  • After the top-10 ranked Wisconsin men's basketball team lost its second game in row (sound familiar?), I thought it might turn out to be a completely disastrous week sports-wise. But the football team came through and (just barely) beat Michigan State for the Big Ten championship. Now I'm looking forward to the Rose Bowl.
  • wants me to review my purchase. Well, OK. The toilet paper is soft on my ass.