Friday, November 09, 2012

Semi-random thoughts

  • There's something wrong with the way we do daylight savings time. In the spring, we skip 2am to 3am, but in the fall we repeat 1am to 2am. Shouldn't we be doing the same hour both times?
  • My glob just got its first visitor from Kenya.
  • Sometimes things really do go my way. My bi-annual renewal of my registration as a lawyer is due shortly, and I found myself 2 credits short of the requirement for mandatory continuing legal education. I saw my local bar association is giving a 3 credit class next Tuesday, when I have nothing scheduled. I resigned myself to paying the fee and schlepping down there. Then today I got a notice from the NY State Bar Association that they are giving a 2 credit class next Thursday, when I also have nothing scheduled. It's free, and I can take it via webinar.

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