Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More TFLNs

(317): hes supposed to be my fuck buddy. im not supposed to see him on his knees praying by my bed when i walk into my room. http://tfl.nu/qubv
(804): have to get expensive furniture. after that study abroad now at least six things at ikea are named after guys i slept with http://tfl.nu/vxai
(201): Called the cops on a high school party then went in after all the kids ran away and took the rest of the beer. What are you doing tonight? http://tfl.nu/of56
(916): Pregaming before going to drink with a girl from Russia. Please make sure I'm not dead in the morning. http://tfl.nu/8lph
(501): Yeah. He can't come because his mom found the pizza box under his bed with my underwear in it. He acted confused, guess because i forgot to tell him.. http://tfl.nu/3vco
(217): Guess which frat house I just walked out of! And on a related note... guess who's uncircumsized http://tfl.nu/ymju
(941): I was so  intoxicated last night I was giving out my real name and number ugh. http://tfl.nu/0uja

Thugs thwarted again

Dutch marines open fire on pirates

I'm really glad they are finding ways for merchant ships to defend themselves. It's probably the most cost-effective way of stemming this thuggery.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Public service announcement

Estimated taxes are due tomorrow.