Saturday, March 03, 2012

Let's hear it for Carbonite

I have been using Carbonite for years to automatically back-up my hard drive. It works great. But for a while I've been troubled by the fact that it advertises on right-wing idiot commentator Rush Limbaugh's radio program.

Now I can feel better about using Carbonite--it is pulling its ads. Carbonite is one of several advertisers to drop Limbaugh after he branded a law student a slut and a prostitute because she called for birth control coverage under the health plans of religious institutions like her university. After several days, Limbaugh has issued a semi-apology, but that was not enough for Carbonite to reconsider.

Yay, Carbonite!

Question of the day

Why are they called bus shelters? They don't shelter buses. They should be called bus rider shelters.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Semi-random thoughts

  • I've added Alan Cumming's blog to my blog roll. I don't follow very many big celebrities on Twitter, Facebook or via blog, but I've been reading his tweets for a while and they're quite good. His blog is also--he's an excellent writer.
  • My prescriptions for 2011 cost nearly $5,000. Fortunately, I have insurance, and I only paid $210. Unfortunately, my insurance cost me a lot more.
  • It's not a good sign when the producer of a burlesque show sends out a tweet at 7:30 asking if anyone can perform in a 9:00 o'clock show.
  • My glob passed 95,000 visitors yesterday.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yawn headline of the day

Queen Elizabeth II to open 2012 Olympics

Of course she is.

As the article says, she opened the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, and I was there to see her do it.

Happy Leap Day!

Take a frog to lunch. Or a toad. Or a grasshopper. Maybe a kangaroo...

How about a long jumper?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They're still trying the HSBC text scam

I got another fake HSBC text alert like last year. Don't fall for it.

A semi-win against the thugs--Yay, Denmark

2 Hostages Die as Danish Navy Frees Ship Hijacked by Pirates

Denmark piracy raid off Somalia leaves two dead

This week's Sunday TFLN wrap-up is a little late

Blame it on the Oscars.

(413): Just finished my quantum homework in ladies room writing with eyeliner. I am the party/physics champion.
(484): Did you ask me to bring you a t-shirt to class or did I just dream that?
(732): No, I did. It's a long story.
(860): I'll keep you from getting pregnant and you keep my papers gramaticallly correct
(218): You're welcome to join, but just to warn you, tequila makes my clothes disappear. And I'm telling you that as an adult to an adult, not as your supervising teacher who decides whether or not you graduate.
(318): They made the rule if I caught the ball with my cleavage they would drink the entire beer pong table. I don't think they expected me to actually do it.
(+44): I got to masturbate in Rome in a gorgeous hotel room. Don't try and tell me I need a boyfriend
(202): I love you more with every blowjob.
(1-202): You should write for Hallmark.
(586): We've reached the point in our fuck buddy relationship where we are playing words with friends. This is too intimate.
(417): Handicvap rails on the toilet atre soooooo fuckin handy right nmow.
(303): So I just chugged the rest of the wine in my mug so I would have something to eat my corn flakes in. With a plastic fork. I need a dishwasher
(312): And maybe a life coach?
(484): they paper machayed me.
(215): i told you ... never pass out drinking with preschool teachers.
(856): he had me stop mid-blow job to make me use my phone to id a song on the radio..
(856): i wasnt really sure how to responde to that.
(734): It was awful. Mid hookup he started reading the titles of the books over my bed, which were about Russian imperial history. He then started asking me questions about the class I was reading the books for. I was like "WE HAVE TIME FOR THAT LATER, PLEASE CONTINUE."
(440): While I was fucking him, he grabbed a taco off his shelf and started eating it. I had taco dripped on me. I have no idea where the taco came from.
(206): The guy you hooked up with is asleep in the tub. I just pee'd and he said 'turn off the tap' before snoring again.
(775): Nobody in the ambulance liked me...
(215): the paramedics asked what clubs id be in next weekend so they can plan ahead.
(402): I'm pretty sure this city writes new vice laws specifically because of us.
(678): Why did my little sister call me from your phone this morning?
(404): Things like this can't be explained over text man