Friday, April 20, 2012

Somali thugs disrupted

Somalia: Spanish Warship Reina Sofia Rescues Innocent Somali Crew Held Hostage By Pirates

The sad thing is, the victims are so afraid of the thugs they won't press charges, so they'll go free to grab another ship.

Living with coyotes XXVI (and living with bobcats LIX)

New York: Coyote warning in Westchester County

Semi-random thoughts

  • It's "Hear, hear!," not "Here, here!"
  • I can't say I like the new blogger interface very much. Aside from the temporary bother learning where everything is now, I'm not sure there's a way of directly viewing an old post you just edited. I've only used it once, but when I posted it sent me to my edit post list.
  • Someone just visited a post I wrote the first week of my glob, back in 2005. It was fun seeing how I wrote back then.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Midweek TFLNs

(541): they had to hand cuff you because you wouldn't stop trying to unzip the paramedic's pants...this is why i love you
(480): I am not sure which is more amazing; The fact that she offered me sex, beer AND nachos, or that she can properly use a semi-colon at her current blood alcohol level.
(252): I'm a gay man planning my brothers bachelor party, and he choose someone else to be his best man. I hope they like appltinis and gay clubs. Bastard.

Monday, April 16, 2012

TFLNs! I know you've been waiting for them

I can see how many of you enter my blog through my TFLN posts.

(270): Rick Santorum just suspended his campaign. Lets celebrate by watching gay pornography together.
(604): So my dad just walked in on me with the same girl twice in 3 nights.  I told him if he wants to see her tits to adleast admit it.  All he did was smirk.
(607): just had a very awkward conversation with the concierge at the hotel, they threw your underwear out
(954): My god. His mom just smacked my ass. Does this mean I'm accepted??
(313): I accidentally lit my hair on fire and we broke the bed. How was your night?
(602): I'm sorry for biting your husband's ass last night.
(250): I take it we used my cleavage as a pen holder last night during the graffiti party. Looks like the colours of Crayola exploded all over my chest
(365): As I fucked him you stood outside my door screaming, "I'M NOT JUDGING YOU!" over and over.
(1-365): I was judging you.
(740): Good news. Hiccups are gone. Bad news. I had to set the bathroom rug on fire to get rid of them. Don't come home until the fire truck leaves.
(842): we used the fire extinguisher you had been cuddling with to decorate the cop car while they were inside arresting everyone
(209): She kept talking about how amazing the banana she had yesterday was. Don't know if it was innuendo, stoned, or just a really amazing banana.
(206): Oh my God, that is a gorgeous man.  And I wasn't even gay until five minutes ago.
(570): I'll never be able to have sex on these sheets. I'd have to cover up the eyes of every single Elmo.
(612): I should start an etsy shop with all the jewelry and clothes women leave at my house
(404): STD scares really help you understand the whole six degrees of separation thing...
(845): Make me a sandwich
(301): The day you make me feel like my detachable showerhead does I'll make you a sandwich.
(317): The bartender just hugged us goodnight. I think we go there too often.
(337): I misunderstood what a furry was. Come pick me up.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Occasionally you'll find a tourist who's not so dumb

Tourist #1: Excuse me, do you know where 42nd street is?
Tourist #2: Between 41st and 43rd, I think.

--40th St & Broadway
via Overheard in New York