Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One good TFLN, from, er, last night

(314): Listen I know you hate her for what she did but this is getting our of hand. Please please tell me where you hid her wedding dress. http://tfl.nu/ibp9

Monday, May 14, 2012

Micro movie review

The Kid With a Bike (Le Gamin au Velo): A slow-moving story of a boy coping with being abandoned by his father, and being foster-parented by a stranger. Well-acted, but that's about it.

I like this

Texting While Walking Banned in New Jersey Town

The article is unclear whether this applies just to people crossing the street, or to anyone walking on the sidewalk.

Headline of the day

Lexus found submerged in family’s swimming pool; drunk-driving suspected

As we used to say, "No shit, Sherlock."

Considering how long it's been, surprisingly few good TFLNs

(864): I have officially tracked lube all over our house on the bottom of my socks without knowing it. Don't slip when you come in http://tfl.nu/mz6f
(805): So then you challenged the bartender to an arm wrestling contest for a free bottle of vodka
(1-805): Sweet. Did I win?
(805): Youre hungover arent you? http://tfl.nu/l89i
(818): The cops showed up and one of them got pushed in the pool. When he got out he looked really sad so I got him a towel and hugged him. He arrested all the underage drunkards but me. http://tfl.nu/w1nr
(252): i asked the cop if we could stop and do a chinese firedrill.... he said no. http://tfl.nu/99ae
(989): I should just black out in my front yard again- that was a great nights sleep. http://tfl.nu/zu0y
(215): I fell asleep on the air hockey table and someone turned it on, scariest shit ever when you're that fucked up http://tfl.nu/xoz1
(801): There were two girls and a guy on a bed and now i can put porn director on my resume. http://tfl.nu/bk3r
(217): You know it is an interesting night when the 911 operator calls you http://tfl.nu/uqrj
(720): Dude, I had to stop mid fuck. Her cat was swatting at my balls as I did her from behind. I couldve lost something. http://tfl.nu/z9g9
(419): Are you complaining because you're getting too much sex to find the time to masturbate?
(1-419): Well, when you say it like that it sounds silly. http://tfl.nu/ok5v
(609): Bartender at the wedding asked if he was making my drinks too strong. I laughed at him. http://tfl.nu/6jaw
(717): I wore granny panties last night to ensure I didn't sleep with him. He said they made me seem more mature. I need a new plan http://tfl.nu/f98a
(703): Their engagement party consisted of them doing shots, yelling at each other, leaving for 30 minutes, and coming back with smiles.
(571): I'd say they're off to a great start! http://tfl.nu/1lyt
(519): My Bio teacher gave me extra marks for putting "deer with AK-47 seeking retribution" at the top of the food chain on my exam. 51% pass here i come!! http://tfl.nu/hi1l
(+44): He stopped replying so I told him I got tested and it came back positive for chlamydia to see if he replied. His phone magically works again! http://tfl.nu/ztd6
(561): I'm sorry, when did "I like your shit" become an acceptable pickup line? http://tfl.nu/0ivn
(212): The guy at the Apple store said the warranty does NOT cover getting cum out of the keyboard.  I can't believe I believed you. http://tfl.nu/c03k
(512):  I think we should go through the tsa checkpoint with raging hardons when we go through LAX. I think we should pass out some viagra to everyone http://tfl.nu/z79l
(696): Its completely acceptable to go naked under my graduation gown right?
(451): Some ppl might frown upon it  but theyre prudes http://tfl.nu/39ll