Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Semi-random thoughts

  • It looks like NYC taxi fares are going up. I've been saying for a while, that at the next fare increase I'll start using a credit card instead of paying cash, which I know the drivers prefer. The amount of cash I need for cab rides for an evening out will be much more than I want to be carrying around.
  • The phrase "turn of the century" has become ambiguous. 
  • The well-financed "Americans Elect" effort to put a third-party centrist candidate for president on the ballot this November has died. I'm relieved. This had the potential to disrupt the re-election of President Obama. 

Living with mountain lions XI

Mountain lion wanders into California city center, is killed

Mountain Lion Spotted Near Manchester, NH School

Monday, May 21, 2012

TFLNs of the (last) week

(402): As we're eating sushi she goes I just want to get a disease so my mom can take care of me... Great first date
(443): He told me the color of his piss.  Worst.  First date.  Ever.
(601): When you get home there will be live fish in the  bathtub. I did not put live fish in the bathtub.
(360): do we own a ladder
(206): We do not.
(360): then how am i on the roof
(651): We tried lying really still and being really quiet so that he wouldn't notice us before he left the room. Forgot about the glow in the dark condom.
(419): I found a pair a guys underwear in my purse that has a British flag on it and says and I quote "British beef" what.the.fuck.
(774): I made her orgasm until she cried. Four years of only having sex with dudes and I've still got it.
(503): Did I change midway through last night?
(206): Seven times. The most notable outfits were UFC Fighter and Top Hat Viking
(615): Did you like my voicemail? Sounded like I was being murdered, right?
(1-615): By a pack of ravenous dildos
(845): Just did the walk of shame in front of his dad while I was wearing his gym shorts and my heels from graduation last night. Keep it classy '12
(607): Why do I always miss the parties you're naked at?!
(315): I get naked cuz your not there
(914): Dave got tied up again. I'm done breaking into girls houses to cut him loose. At least before noon.
(602): Would it be out of line to take a picture of all the earrings, rings, hairclips, and other miscellaneous girl items that I found under my bed and post it on facebook and tag all the girls that I slept with this year so they can claim their shit and get it out of my house?
(904): He just told an 8 year old to go fuck himself so we probably won't be in the butterfly exhibit much longer.
(+44): Chill out, I'm getting ready as fast as I can. I didn't even masturbate in the shower.
(407): I'm pregnant
(1-407): The fact that this number is not in my contacts is giving me hope it's a wrong number???

Comic of the (last) week

Non Sequitur

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I just noticed

It's my half-birthday.

Micro movie review

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: A bit more than the complete fluff I expected. Suspend your disbelief and enjoy the wonderful performances.