Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Somali thugs keep losing

Dutch Warship Destroys Pirate 'Mother Ship'

This means the parents aren't gifted, of course

New Gifted and Talented Test Leaves Parents Stumped

Seriously, a great many parents have a seriously inflated opinion of their children's capabilities. Most children aren't gifted. This test was designed so that coaching, by parents or anyone else, isn't going to help.

Today's news round-up

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Question of the day

Why do "terribly pretty" and "pretty terrible" mean opposite things?

Monday, October 22, 2012

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Semi-random thoughts

  • I was very happy to see the Yankees swept out of the playoffs. I'm an Indians fan. I hate the Yankees.
  • At first I thought the Wisconsin Badgers football team was just going to have a "rebuilding year," but it looks like it might only have been the beginning of the season. They've won their last three games, and are looking better and better each week.
  • I generally don't read any news article with a question mark in the headline. Usually it's about something that isn't true, or at least is totally unsubstantiated.

Animal headline of the day

Chickens Threaten to Divide Community

From Overheard in New York

Wife: I'm cold. Are you cold?
Husband: Not really.
Wife: How come men never complain about being cold?
Husband: We have good thermostats, you have multiple orgasms. Wanna trade?

via Overheard in New York, Oct 17, 2012