Friday, November 02, 2012

Today's news round-up

Good News


I received notification that a settlement of a class action suit against has been approved. As a member of the class I am receiving $3.93.

The aftermath of Sandy

FreshDirect cancelled my usual Sunday night grocery delivery right before the storm, so I got what I could from my supermarket during the day. Then I put in a small FreshDirect order for this evening, for a few things that were unavailable. This morning they sent me an email saying 5 of the items in my order were unavailable.

I had only ordered 6 items. Tonight they will be delivering me one quarter pound of cheese.

UPDATE: It came!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Today's news round-up

Good News

Bad News

It's going to take a bit of work to get the Metro-North trains running on the Hudson Line

--From the MTA website

Living with wild hogs VI

Wild boar attacks and injures 4 people in Berlin

Recent news round-up

Good News

Bad News

Mixed Good and Bad News

Monday, October 29, 2012

Re: Hurricane Sandy

I haven't posted anything here, but I'm fine. All my Facebook and Twitter friends who were joking about it all day, and dismissing the precautions taken, have now shut up, with serious flooding happening, building facade collapses, a probable electrical transformer explosion at a ConEd station, etc. And high tide is just occurring now.

Trans United for Obama

Semi-random thoughts

  • In my wife's mind, taking a nap in bed is being lazy, but if she does it on the couch it's OK.
  • It was a disastrous Saturday for alma mater, the University of Wisconsin. The football team lost to Michigan State in overtime, which ended their 21 game home winning streak (second best in the nation). But much worse, our young but quickly improving quarterback broke his collarbone, and is probably out for the rest of the season. And on top our football woes, our men's basketball team lost its newly-named starting point guard for the season due to a torn ACL in pre-season practice. 
  • I always keep a Chrome window open, in addition to my normal Internet Explorer one(s). This is so I can keep two Yahoo Mail ID's open simultaneously. Now I've found another use for my Chrome window: When a newspaper website limits me to a certain number of free articles per month, I can switch to the other browser and get double.