Sunday, November 18, 2012

Still over-priced

H/T to @jdoxblood on Twitter

Semi-random thoughts

  • My wife and I were relieved to find out that Hurricane Sandy caused no significant damage to the complex in NJ that provides the bulk of our income. They had emergency generators to power the sump pumps that kept the boiler rooms safe, unlike during Irene.
  • I notice that I recently went past 2,500 posts here.
  • I wish there were a way of filtering out comments from non-New Yorkers on NY Times articles about the city--especially articles about local apartments. Most of these people have absolutely no idea about how things work here.

Don't contribute to the Salvation Army

I see the bellringers are already in operation, so I'll reiterate what I said last year: They are trans- and homophobic.

Cartoon of the day