Saturday, May 18, 2013

Semi-random thoughts

  • I received an e-mail at my male e-mail address from a pro-women's rights organization to which have contributed in the past.  It read 
    Dear xxxxxxxxx, 

    Have you ever thought about the ways in which you’re treated unfairly just because you’re a woman?
    where xxxxxxxxx is my male first name. I guess they don't think they have any male supporters. Or maybe they just don't think.
  • My wife and I got word that there is a parking space now available in the garage in our building. We applied for it in 1998 when my wife got a job in New Jersey, so we bought a car. At long last there will be no more hunting for a spot on the street. Hooray! The only thing is, my wife retired nine years ago, and we got rid of the car.
  • I see that tickets to Radio City's Christmas show go on sale next week. I think that's rushing the season more than a little.

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