Monday, January 19, 2015

Harassing women on the street can get you into trouble

It might be your mom.

Semi-random thoughts

  • I saw the headline "Panthers' Newton practices 8 days after crash" and my first thought was it was about the Black Panthers and Huey Newton, not the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton. I'm showing my age.
  • I do not want ads appearing in my newsfeed on Facebook. In the past, I marked every single one I saw as spam, and for a while I wasn't seeing any. Then something changed and recently I've been getting them again--more than ever. Again I've been marking them as spam. Three times now Facebook has reported to me they have removed ads I've marked, because they failed to adhere to Facebook ad guidelines. Strangely, only one of the three was really objectionable--I think it was for some bogus weight loss product. There have been a number of similar ads, but Facebook seems to have done nothing about them. The other two were for Whole Foods and a political campaign that I actually supported. I wonder why they were removed. 

Recent news round-up

Good News
Bad News

Animal headline of the day

Fish-eating snails stun their prey with insulin