Sunday, October 02, 2016

The end?

I have decided to, in political campaign-speak, "suspend" this blog.

It has been years since I regularly actually wrote blog posts--almost all I've been doing is posting links to news articles, with the occasional cartoon (created by others), or photo thrown in. Even my Semi-random thought posts have petered out. My average daily readership has dropped to a single digit, and even the minimal amount of work I've been putting in just doesn't seem to be worth it.

So, after 11+ years, 4,003 posts and 145,515 visitors, I am quitting. Since I don't like to say never, I'm not saying I will never start this up again--as I've gotten older there have been changes in my life, and there will certainly be more in the future. Maybe I will start to enjoy writing again. But for the foreseeable future, I doubt it.

I am going to leave the blog up, if for no other reason than I like to use my blogroll to see what has been updated recently.

One more thing: I have a Plat du jour scheduled for election day. So maybe that will actually be the end.

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