Friday, September 02, 2005


I got an e-mail from Lycos, which hosts the Crossdressers International website, of which I am webmistress. It said my Discover card that they bill for the site (a whole $4.95/month) was expiring. Which it is. I just got the new card a few days ago, so I signed on to the Lycos site and put in the new expiration date.

Then I remembered that I have a bunch of other places that get paid automatically via Discover. So I signed on to the Discover site, brought up my last bill, and made a list. Some I could do online--if I remembered my user id and password. Some I had to call--but the toll-free numbers on the Discover bill were inaccurate. (the worst was SBC Yahoo!, which listed a number for their DSL division--but I only have a dial-up account with them. It was voice response hell.)

It took almost three hours, and I'm still not sure a couple of them are correct. What a PITA.

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