Wednesday, February 15, 2006


We're going on vacation to Spain at the end of April. This will actually be the first new country for me since my first visit to France in 1969!--assuming you don't count airports. If you do count airports, then Barbados and St. Lucia are the latest, which we hit on the way to Martinique a couple years ago. (Martinique doesn't count, as it's a full-fledged "department" (state) of France.)

Though my wife can speak some Spanish, I don't speak much at all, not beyond "por favor," "gracias," "hola," "adios," and, I think, "hasta la vista." I don't even know how to ask where the restroom is. I really need a traveler's phrase book.

Hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit when I get there. Hopefully it will be a better situation than when we were in Martinique. I was only able to get online once during the week or so we were there--the public computer in the lobby of our hotel was broken when I got around to trying it. I did once manage to find another one--in a laundromat of all places! But that kind of makes sense: get on the net while your clothes are washing.


midwesterntransport said...

The trouble I run into with languages I don't know well is that I may be able to ask a question, but the answer remains indecipherable.

I asked a lady in Austria once how to get somewhere - and I was very proud of being able to ask in German - but I couldn't understand her response even slightly, and wandered around lost for another half hour.


caprice said...

This sort of was Woody Allen's problem when he took his Dixieland band on a concert tour of France. At the end of each concert he'd make a nice short speech in reasonably good French, and then he'd have a Q&A with the audience--except he couldn't understand the questions.