Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Shouldn't that be "womanhandled?"

Manhattan Transsexual Charged With Assaulting Mom
Posted: Tuesday, 18 April 2006 10:48AM

New York (1010 WINS) -- The trial of a transsexual accused of breaking her wealthy mother's arm during a fight over money is expected to start Tuesday.

A judge ruled Monday that a jury will hear testimony about other alleged violence against Constance Joyce Cheney, 85.

Diane Wells is charged with harassing and assaulting Cheney on May 10, 2005, in the Central Park West apartment where they lived.

Judge Ellen Coin says she'll allow evidence that Wells manhandled her mother, when she pushed her into a wall causing her head to hit a picture frame and that she blew smoke into her face during an argument.

Wells' lawyer says Cheney was in the hospital for several days without mentioning the defendant. He suggested that his client's brother encouraged their mother to blame his client.
Seriously, though, what does the defendent's being a transsexual have to do with this case? The media jump on these type of stories, but it reminds me of when newspapers identified a person's race or religion (when it was a minority) when it was not germane to the story at all.

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